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Celebrations and Goals

This Coaching Bundle will share ideas to celebrate student and educator achievements.

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Celebrations and Goals Overview

Coaching Cards
The Coaching Cards are a quick reference to support coaches in a variety of situations.

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Bundle Organizer ~ Celebrations and Goals

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If This, Then That Card

If This, Then That ~ Celebrations and Goals


Teachers Celebrating Teachers
Something To Listen To (2 Minutes)

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Celebrations with Instructional Frameworks
Something to Watch (4 Minutes)

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Supporting Goal Setting With Reflective Coaching Stems
Something To Listen To (3 Minutes)

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Goal Setting With Debbie
Something To Watch (6 Minutes)

Recorded Webinar

Do Your Best
11 Minutes

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Bonus Resources

Coaching Cycles: Goals and Celebrations

Share Celebrations in Monthly Newsletters
6 Minutes

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Feedback for Teachers

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Goal Setting Templates

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Coaching and Teaching Stories and The Golden Circle
Teaching: The Why, The How, The What (5 Minutes)

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Prize Opportunities

Give us a shout-out on Facebook. Post something you like from the Coaching Bundle or share one of your ideas. We will do a monthly drawing for a $100 prize. Everyone that posts will be included in the drawing and there will be one or two lucky winners each month.

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Coaching Toolkits

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