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STRIVE’s Coaching

Become an Effective Coach

Instructional coaching is a partnership between teachers and coaches, focused on improving learner outcomes. STRIVE’s Coaching: A how to on becoming an effective coach will help coaches develop that partnership and be successful in improving teacher practice and learner outcomes. STRIVE’s goal is to walk step-by-step with coaches to develop a coaching plan that prioritizes the needs of students, teachers, and the school.

STRIVE’s Coaching contains many components for developing a coaching plan:

  • An annual Coach’s Handbook that contains resources for strengthening Coaching Basics, determining a coaching focus for the year and developing a step-by-step Roadmap to guide the way, how to provide high-quality meetings and professional development, implementing coaching cycles for groups and individuals, and how to differentiate coaching based on student and teacher needs.
  • Coaching Bundles that are full of free resources and centered around coaching themes such as coaching cycles, high-quality professional development, and data-driven coaching.
  • Coaching mentoring that provides coaches with a their own coach for planning, implementing, and sustaining coaching plans.

Coaching Bundles

STRIVE Coaching now offers 10 coaching bundles that will be released monthly! These bundles are filled with resources to improve your coaching practice.

Upcoming Bundles: September – Coaching Basics • October – Data • November – Individual Coaching Cycles • December – Group Coaching • January – Celebrations and Goals • February – Coaching Self-Care • March – Professional Development and Meetings • April – Relationships and Coaching • May – Differentiating Your Coaching • June – Roadmaps


Ready-to-Use Guides
Downloadable templates and bundles to get you started right away!