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STRIVE’s Elementary Literacy

Critical for Their Future

STRIVE supports elementary teachers, leaders, and coaches through evidence-based practices and positive supporting relationships. STRIVE customizes our support based on school needs to build capacity for improved learner outcomes. Our coaches work in tandem with teachers, leaders, and coaches to ensure literacy systems provide meaningful results for student growth and lifelong learning.

Every child deserves a school that implements evidence-based literacy instruction to teach students to read and write and a teacher that uses that knowledge to plan, teach, and assess literacy instruction.

STRIVE's Data System

Planning, Teaching, and Assessing Reading Groups
Teachers, leaders, and coaches have long used data-informed instruction to enhance their teaching and improve learner outcomes. Using student data effectively to impact instruction allows teachers to gain valuable insights and track student data to see exactly what is working in whole group core instruction, small group core instruction, intervention, and enrichment. STRIVE's Data System includes all the components needed for teacher success with data-informed instruction.


Ready-to-Use Guides
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