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Relationships and Coaching

This Coaching Bundle will remind you to take care of yourself so you can effectively support others.

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Relationships and Coaching Organizer

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If This, Then That Card

If This, Then That


Relationships and Coaching Newsletter
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Bonus Resources

Letter of Welcome

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Coaching Questionnaire

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Coaching Environment Survey

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Coaching Environment Pictures

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Prize Opportunities

Facebook Give us a shout-out on Facebook. Post something you like from the Coaching Bundle or share one of your ideas. We will do a monthly drawing for a $100 prize. Everyone that posts will be included in the drawing and there will be one or two lucky winners each month.

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Coaching Toolkits

Relationships and Coaching Badge
1. Rate yourself on the Rubric. 2. Use STRIVE Resources from the Bundle to improve your practice. 3. Upload an example of how you used STRIVE Resources to improve on the rubric. **Uploading examples gives STRIVE permission to share examples with the STRIVE Coaching Community.** 4. Submit and receive the Badge!

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